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Jimmy Nevarez Sr. opened Nevarez Meat Market in Las Cruces, NM on March 17, 1977. Jim needed to find a way to support his wife and four children after he and his fellow meat cutters went on strike against a local supermarket. Almost immediately after opening his meat market 'Old' Jim's Jerky became his hottest commodity.


Jim was always a proponent of using only the freshest and finest ingredients in his Jerky, and unlike others who, would merely sprinkle on their seasoning, Jim would take the time to marinate his jerky for a perfect taste. For nearly thirty-years 'Old' Jim ran his humble meat market, selling jerky by the pounds and shipping to customers throughout the country. 


Today, we here at Old Jim's Jerky carry on his legacy. We are still a family run business and hold his core values of hard work and dedication close to our hearts. We still are proponents of using only the best meat and ingredients to make our jerky. We still take the time to marinate our jerky in recipes that have been perfected throughout the years of 'Old' Jim's experience. 


So Enjoy! We hope you love eating Old Jim's Jerky as much as we love making it. 

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